Tips on how to avoid food waste

Tips on how to avoid food waste

I think we all have a different visions of living sustainably . does it mean we have to live off the grid and grow our own food.. No of course not.. there is ways around everything. 

       What is living sustainable?

Sustainable living is the practice of making conscious lifestyle choices that reduce a person’s impact on the environment. Individuals who embrace sustainable living philosophies aim to reduce their carbon footprint and conserve Earth’s resources.


Where to Begin? to live in a healthier greener way you could start by being mindful of the products and food you are using. 

How to choose your food: Choose to eat healthier and greener and buy from local markets, choose organic foods. Bake your own food and if you have the time to grow your own.. Reduce your meat intake and replace animal proteins with plant based proteins. Avoid overeating treats and splurging on more food than you need. Drinking tap water and cut out the fizzy drinks. invest in lunch boxes and bees wax wraps instead of using cling film when on the go. 

Planing your weekly food shop can reduce food waste and also save you money.  Zero Waste Chef is one of our favourites check it out to see how you can healthy and affordably and most of all sustainably. 

Here some of our favourite books on how to eat more sustainably.



 We would love to hear from you share your tips on avoiding food waste and cooking recipes contact us 



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