How to upcycle your clothing

How to upcycle your clothing


Are you wondering what to do with those worn out, unused clothes in your wardrobe? Wonder no more because we’ve gathered all kinds of resources, ideas, and inspiration on how to reuse old clothing!

 Half a tonne of unwanted clothes is dumped in landfill across Ireland every minute, according to the charity Oxfam.


Changing the color of an item is a great way to refresh an item as your palette preferences may change. Food and plants can provide some really interesting ways to dye your clothes naturally. A must watch .. Take stock of your produce and explore how onions, berries, or spinach can transform the color of your pieces. If you are looking for a more straightforward way to change the color of your clothes, try ready-made dyes or bleach. Or if you have some artistic skill, try painting on your clothes to make some wearable art. 


Cut up some pillow cases, or browse  the charity shops for some fabric.. Patching is another great way to creatively address damaged pieces. Jazz up your ripped jeans with old tshirt .. so many ways to get creative. 


Grab your scissors and get cropping.. Cut your worn out jeans into shorts.. cut the stained t-shirts into crop tops.. Turn you long sleeved shirts into a blouse.


Pull out the old jumpers and tops and cut off the sleeves to create some new styles. Pull out the long dresses and revamp for the summer wardrobe, use your scraps of fabrics to make a tote bag or on a patch up project. 


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