Sustainable living swaps

3 Easy Swaps for greener living daily

We have put together five different items that you can swap out of your life to live a more eco conscious lifestyle. We have thought about this very simply as there are lots of items that we can swap but here are our top 5 everyday swaps... 

Grocery Shopping

I cannot count the amount of times I went to the store and forget my shopping bags. adding an additional money per bag to my shopping each time. I have now found a little trick to put my shopping bags into the boot after my food shop. See our organic cotton grocery net bags  love these stylish bags lots of vibrant colours to choose from, no better feeling knowing your living greener and your plastic bag is not going end up a landfill, river ocean harming our beautiful wildlife.

Coffee Cups 

We are becoming more eco conscious and carrying our coffee cups with us when out and about., the coffee trucks and garages offer eco friendly reusable cups which is great but WE ALL KNOW  everyone is not going to know how do dispose of them correctly.  WHERE DO THE CUPS END UP.. which results in littering our streets, dumping in regular rubbish bins and NOT the compost bin there supposed to go in. Be mindful when using garage cups. We love this Neon Kactus Mug, our favourite about this mug is the variety of colours, its matt finish and its high quality double wall stainless steel for extra durability. It keeps your hot drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours.


Ditch the plastic razors and replace with a stainless steel razor, It's as simple as that. The majority of safety razors are entirely made from metals, such as stainless steel. They're meant to last, unlike disposable plastic razors. A mix of iron, zinc and copper provides a base to the razor that plastic just can't compete with.One double-edged blade means that your skin isn't going to be stripped and dragged by a razor with more than 3 blades. Safety razors allow you a much cleaner shave that is healthier for your skin and won't compromise the integrity of your skin.It's reported that up to 2 billion disposable razors make it into landfill every single year. A plastic-free safety razor will save on so much waste. A pack of 12 plastic-cased cartridges can cost upwards of €18. See our Bambaw Razor collection and make the swap today.

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